Josh Wittenkeller (October 25, 1990), also known as TheJWittz is an international YouTube user well-known for his famous videos. He is also known for being a special guest star on the hit television show, King of the Nerds.


On November 9th 2009, Josh started his YouTube debut after starting a series called "Prof-it". The series was mainly about the Pokémon Trading Card game. This series mainly consists of skits and tricks about the card game, In that experience he began to expand his channel, by changing the "Prof-it" name to "Fact Of The Day".

Fact Of The DayEdit

On early 2011, Josh had decided to try a new series on his channel. He started with a video named Imakuni and then now he tied in with the Pokémon Trading Card game. After finally hitting over 500,000 views, he decided to continue on making facts. Josh's YouTube video's went over the roof when he started making banned Pokémon episodes, hint's the reason they were never aired. Hitting over 11,000,000 views, he knew that he had to continue making what he was doing. Josh also loves doing his Top 10 YouTube videos, so he still continues making videos today about Hot Pokémon Trainers to Best and Worst Pokéballs.

King Of The NerdsEdit